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I would gladly recommend David to anyone who came to me asking for a great developer who is easy to work with. I have already suggested his services to friends and family and I descried the process working with Clickhook as "simple to do." We are in the Final stages of development now and the process has been stress free and enjoyable. Being on the opposite side of Australia didn't hinder the process either. David was always contactable and quick to respond.

Lee Pinci

I assigned a big amount project to David and his team at Clickhook. It was a huge interactive e-commerce mobile app project that involved many integrations, Google Map, over 7 verifications, social media login, user profiles, payment integrations, travel credit system and much more. The project got delivered in time with extended support afterwards. I found them very hard working and talented. I was extremely satisfied with them and will continue to recommend them. Thank you very much!

Maria Doe

We are extremely pleased with the work that David from ClickHook has done. We are at the development stage of the App. The design was completed in record time and looks outstanding. Looking forward to seeing our App go live. Definite thumbs up from us.

Shayne Halliday
Cruise App Wizard

Working with Clickhook to make PictionUs come to life was a dream, we are In the very final stages of development now before our launch.  David and his team went above and beyond to help me get it sorted, I couldn’t recommend them highly enough. There was some challenging areas of code to be written but noting phased Clickhook, they had solutions to every problem and for anyone wanting to get an idea off the ground at a very affordable price I would highly recommend them.

Daniel Grimes
Piction Us

Clickhook was able to make dramatic improvements to my Google Adwords account in a week. I was impressed and I agreed to have clickhook manage both my SEO and Adwords accounts. During this time period, a virus was injected into our internet site. Our server company wouldn’t help us and our site was essentially down. I asked Clickhook if they could help me out and they were able to put my website on a secure server, to get rid of the virus and do this over a 48 hour period. Once again, I am impressed with this team from Clickhook and I would recommend them without reservation.

Astin Yoshith

We brought in multiple Google Adwords and Analytic consultants before Dave, but he was the only one who understood what we were trying to accomplish, and was able to give us what we needed. Based on his work, we are now able to accurately measure the impact of our advertising campaigns in granular detail. He understands the big picture of what’s important for a business, and he has a real mastery of Google Adwords and Google Analytics. Dave is fast, a great communicator, and knows how to connect with the right people to solve complex problems.

Maria Lucas
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